Best instagram accounts about architecture

It is not a big secret that sometimes architects need a bit of inspiration. Fortunately, nowadays there are much more sources than just books with pictures (however, those books are still amazing and we truly love them): social media makes it easy to get lost for hours, while scrolling tons of Facebook, Behance, Twitter, Pinterest (whatever else there is existing, the internet is huge!) pages just enjoying some images and articles about everything related to architecture. Of course, when it comes to pictures there is only one king and his name is Instagram.

We checked a lot of profiles there and would like to share our top ten. Let’s go!

1. Archdaily

Despite being the most important architectural web-site in the world, Archdaily has also an inspirational Instagram profile, where they publish a lot of interesting and relevant materials for designers.

2. Arc.only

A lot of photos and images which present the best examples of architecture, as well as some impressive conceptual designs.

3. E-architect

An Instagram of one of the largest architectural websites which carefully choose and post the most incredible and stunning projects from all over the world.

4. Next_top_architects

This profile shares not only photos and pictures of architecture but also models, graphical concepts, and much other interesting stuff.

5. Whisky.arch

This account can improve your knowledge not only in architecture but in whisky as well!

6. World_architecture

It is a case when a name is speaking for itself: here you will find everything from architectural images to photos of famous creative personalities.

7. Macenzo

This profile can be considered as an outstanding one due to focusing on patterns and texture of architecture rather than on its volume, what makes it even more unique and interesting! Get ready to be impressed by how one can see a beauty and complexity in regular things.

8. Design.only

This is another branch of Arc.only page, however, it is related to interior design, which, of course, is another side of architectural activity, sometimes is even more important than exterior one.

9. Arch_more

Architecture starts from a sketch – every architect will tell you that. On this profile, you will find dozens of inspirational drawings with incredible graphic and full of extraordinary design solutions.

10. Dezeen

Another important magazine can be proud of its Instagram page! This one is full of amazing examples of architecture, interior, and product design which always gives a hand when it comes to finding inspiration. 


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