STARrchitects, who built in Milan

Milan can be truly considered as an international capital of Italy. When we think about Rome, the image of tourists and ancient ruins appears in our minds, while with Milan it’s completely different story: the city’s spirit is about business, trade, innovation and development.

Thus, it is not surprising that this fashionable and the gorgeous city attracts a big number of famous architects. We are going to present you some projects in Milan, which were created by the best builders and designers of modernity.


School of Economics (Universita Luigi Bocconi)

The building was designed by Grafton Architects (led by Yvonne Farrell & Shelley McNamara). It is an amazing example of a university building, which both fits in the environment and is perfectly designed inside. It is done in the way to provide maximum natural sunlight to the building while creating interesting movement and interaction system indoors.


Graphton Architects

Vertical Forest (“Bosco verticale”)

This amazing green building is designed by Stefano Boeri – an Italian architect with projects all over the world. It was the first time when something like that was erected and it became a real game changer – now there are several similar projects that are going to be built in different parts of the planet. This project represents the pure sustainability in terms of preservation of the environment and bringing green to residential function.


@ Paolo Rosselli

Fondazione Prada

It was an old abandoned industrial complex that was offered for regeneration to one of the main architects nowadays – Rem Koolhaas, who is not only a world-renowned practising architect but also a very strong theorist and architectural critic. Buildings on the proposed territory were redesigned in a unique way and regular simple typologies of a factory received absolutely new individual appearance. After the new opening, the complex became a contemporary art exhibition space, while it has turned into an aesthetic masterpiece by itself.


@ Bas Princen

City Life

Even though this project is currently under construction you can already see some results of the collaboration of three famous architects: Daniel Libeskind, Arata Izosaki and Zaha Hadid. The project’s area is huge and occupies 36.6 ha. It is located in the place of old Milan fair, which was abandoned or just partly used for recent years. The main aim was to create a multifunctional district that includes residential, office and commercial structures. Moreover, it also should become a new landmark for the city and a perfect example of regeneration and repurposing of old and forsaken areas of Milan.

Each of architects designed their own buildings for every function while working together on the masterplan and general view on the CityLife’s future. Nowadays, you can already take a look on the majority of residential blocks, as well as on Izosaki’s skyscraper, while ones from Zaha Hadid and Libeskind are under construction.

Estimated completion year is 2018; however, even now there are many public spaces which are ready for use, so whenever you want to find some nice place to rest you can easily go there.

@ Hayes Davidson

New Bocconi University Campus

This project is also still under construction, but it is promising due to the reputation and capabilities of the Japanese studio “S A N A A”, which created it. It’s leading architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, who are famous for their design and special and very recognisable style, tried to create something extraordinary. They wanted to represent the spirit of Bocconi University while creating for its students amazing environment for study and innovation.

The new campus is also occupying old unused dairy and will include a huge amount of various spaces: starting from classrooms and lecture rooms and finishing with dormitories and sports halls. Moreover, there will be big green areas, which resonate with designed complex in the best way possible, while creating a sequence of public space for rest and leisure.



We hope you enjoyed reading and soon you will visit at least some of mentioned places. Stay tuned for more!