Weekend readings: millennials vs baby boomers, new harbor district in cologne and best youtube channels about architecture

The 5 technologies that are going to define the next decade in cities



The next wave of real-time technologies that will define the next decade are software (rather than hardware) upgrades to the city that will nonetheless transform the way we work, play and live in our physical environments — our “brick and mortar” cities. And these technologies, each transformative in their own right, when used in combination to develop new products and experiences, will have a multiplying effect on the rate of change we see in urban environments. (And clearly, in the future, all technologies will have two-letter acronyms.) Read more…

Designing the Future of Play



On their way to Pecan Park Elementary School, the kids of west Jackson, Mississippi, avoided the sidewalks.

“They were overgrown and cracked; it was scary to walk on them,” says Nia Umoja, the lead organizer of the Cooperative Community of New West Jackson, a local, resident-driven collective using creative placemaking to revitalize the area. Umoja, who helped to establish the CCNWJ three years ago, remembers seeing elementary school kids filing through the neighborhood down the middle of the streets, or trying to catch a ride in a car. No buses service the local school. Read more…

Quiz: Can you tell these 16 cities by their skylines?



Some city skylines are immediately recognizable by their iconic buildings, whether new or old. Paris has the iconic Eiffel Tower. London has the Gherkin, a pickled-shaped building that towers over the city’s traditional architecture. And Beijing is home to the CCTV headquarters, affectionately known as “the big underpants.”

Here are 16 skylines from around the world. Can you recognize their home city? A right answer will get you more information about the skyline.

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Millennials vs. Baby Boomers: Bridging the Generation Gap in Architecture



There is a Grand Canyon–esque divide that exists between the baby boomer and millennial generations within architecture. The Great Recession in the late 2000s is mostly responsible for creating this gap, which seemingly skips over an entire generational category, Gen X. This void has limited the amount of transitional opportunities between generational groups leading to the necessity of creative techniques to bridge the gap. Read more…

COBE Designs Huge Public Pool and Waterfall for New Harbor District in Cologne



Danish firm COBE has been announced as the winner of a competition for the revitalization of Deutzer Hafen, the harbor district of Cologne, Germany. Unanimously selected over proposals from Lorenzen,Diener & Diener Architekten, Scheuvens + Wachten, and Trint + Kreuder dna, the winning design will transform the old industrial harbor into a vibrant, sustainable neighborhood through the addition of a new city landmark: a new public pool and huge waterfall at the end of the harbor. Read more…

The Top 12 Architecture Channels on Youtube



There’s so much to learn about architecture, yet so little time. The smart architect knows to have a variety of sources for their architectural knowledge, and that’s why we’ve put together a shortlist of our Top 12 Architecture Channels on Youtube, and picked some of their best videos for you to see. Read more to find out the best architecture videos, from sketching and rendering tutorials to architecture documentaries. Read more…

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