Weekend readings: solar windows, experiment in sustainable urban living and famous architects that leave the profession

Getting a handle on housing affordability: lessons from the Commonwealth



Housing affordability is a big problem nowadays due to fast urbanisation and increasing the cost of construction, especially in huge overcrowded cities. However, somewhere in the world architects actually find solutions, which can be a great example to follow. Derek Wilson looks at what we can learn from Sydney and Vancouver. . Read more…

Masdar City: The ultimate experiment in sustainable urban living?



Even though UAE became rich due to it’s oil the government and private sector are moving towards new sustainable future and it seems they are succeeding. The designed and built from a scratch city of Masdar is zero-carbon and zero-waste and can potentially become a game changer in the urban development of the future. Read more…

The World’s Most Creative Neighborhoods



Rapidly growing cities always have some urban problems as an outcome. However, some results of internal development could be really fascinating. Here are the most interesting and creative neighbourhoods in the expanding cities all over the world. Read more…

Re-Balance: the Innovation starts from the Balance between Hyper-local and Development



New ways of thinking about design and best solution finding represented in diagrams. Read more…

National laboratory scales up quantum-dot solar windows that can power entire buildings



More and more sustainable technologies are appearing and developing right now. One of the most popular is a solar panel, which capabilities each year grows while the cost is decreasing. However, it seems like soon there will be a huge change in this industry because a new player appeared: solar window. Five scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory just created and demonstrated a new technology, which can actually power and the entire building. Read more…

19 Notable Figures Who Left Architecture to Follow Other Career Paths



Eventually, not all of those, who study in architectural school become real-practising designers and constructors, however, it doesn’t mean they will not succeed in their life. If you could survive architecture studies with all it sleepless nights and hard all-in curriculum you’ll definitely be comfortable in almost any other profession, disregarding the stress.

Here are some examples of architecture leavers, who you surely know not because of their architectural talent. Read more…

We hope you liked these readings! See you next weekend!