Weekend readings: massive development in Zhuhai, solar-powered building and drone video

Massive Urban Development in Zhuhai



10 DESIGN has won a competition to design China Resources Land’s (CR Land) “Hengqin Wanxiang World,” a 2.3 million square meter (25 million square foot) mixed-used development to be located in Zhuhai, China. The complex will include destination retail locales centered around an “Experience Central Square,” which will serve as a venue for a variety of cultural and performance programs. Construction on the massive development is set to begin this month. Read more…

The Unobvious Ways of City Making



ZUS merges the theoretical and practical aspects of what we today call city making, yet they are also a design office for architecture and urbanism. Together with ZUS principal, Kristian Koreman, we discussed the ways they combine the two, how it was to be at the forefront of emerging unsolicited architecture and what do they mean by the necessity of engaging with unobvious design tasks. Read more…

Studio Gang’s Plan To Revitalise Rust Belt Cities? Use What’s Already There



In the years following 2008, the recession spurred a new movement in city planning, centred on revitalising existing public spaces rather than building new ones. Called “tactical urbanism”, this approach supported small-scale efforts, like guerrilla gardening or pop-up parks, that can have an outsized impact on making cities more livable and enjoyable.

Recently, tactical urbanism has attracted the attention of architects and designers with the skills and resources to scale it up—including Jeanne Gang, the MacArthur Fellow and architect behind Studio Gang in Chicago. Read more…

5 solar-powered buildings that will forever change architecture



With solar energy prices dropping to record lows and advancements in design soaring, more architects and developers are turning to solar for its costs savings and aesthetic appeal. As we’ll see over the next two years, some of the largest building projects in the world are integrating photovoltaics from the rooftop down to the facade. Below is just a handful we can’t wait to see completed. Read more…

Trash Talk: MIT’s SENSEable City Lab Creates a Smart Device to Illuminate the Infrastructure of Trash Removal



Imagine a future where immense amounts of trash don’t pile up on the peripheries of our cities: a future where we understand the ‘removal-chain’ as we do the ‘supply-chain’, and where we can use this knowledge to not only build more efficient and sustainable infrastructures but to promote behavioural change. In this future city, the invisible infrastructures of trash removal will become visible and the final journey of our trash will no longer be “out of sight, out of mind”. Read more…

Byzantine – BigFly



A video completely captured by a drone, which shows all beautiful parts of an old St. Louis Church in Paimboeuf, France. It seems like soon they will be a must have device of each professional director. Watch video…


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