Military museum, Italy

Military fortress of Capo d’Orso in Palau, Italy.

Finalists at Young architects competition.

The main idea of the project was to save the spirit of the place with a military historical background. Batteria di Capo d’Orso with its surroundings is already a landmark, so the important point was to emphasize this even more. We understood that the best way to do this – to build as less as possible inside the fortification part of the project. We focused on the pedestrian route and on the emotions that people will get in the way of exploring the museum and its parts. Old materials, rough steel and warm stone, mysterious inner spaces and outstanding views on the bays of Sardinia create the contrast and the interest in the same time for visitors. Thinking on how to amplify this contrast and involve people as much as we can to this journey through the times we decided to use AR technologies. This approach gives a wide range of opportunities for tourists and for researches as well. You don’t need to build a lot! The better way is to give for everyone the opportunity to see how it was looking on how it is…to feel the power of the time and nature.

Almost untouchable reconstruction is an important issue of our work. Old parts we tried to keep and added only necessary ones. Different zones as hotels, info point, restaurant, military memorial, library, meeting spaces, museum, and amazing viewpoints are linked together into the great space of Military museum!