Project year: 2019
Location: Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Area: 80 sq.m.

Architects: SHOVK | Ruslan Lytvynenko, Andrii Leso, Anton Verhun
Landscape architects: Kotsiuba studio | Maksym Kotsiuba, Rafael Aquaviva, Mariya Andrienko, Veronica Schuster, Inna Dobrovolska, Andriy Kunitsky

Awards: First prize at National architectural competition “Public space between Officers’ House and “Jubileynyi” building in Vinnytsia”


The pavilion is a part of square reconstruction concept, made in collaboration with Kotsiuba studio for  National architectural competition “Public space between Officers’ House and “Jubileynyi” building in Vinnytsia”.


The pavilion should be a place where locals can get involved in urban initiatives, discuss projects, and it should become a venue for lectures, presentations and other events.  It is very important that the pavilion fits gently into the context of the square and becomes its functional and compositional complement.


The pavilion is made of typical elements. This reduces the cost of production and allows for a change in the area, shape and configuration of the pavilion. This will allow it to quickly adapt to the events and needs of its users. Then, when the pavilion performs its function, it can be easily disassembled and transported to a new place


The focus is on flexibility and versatility. But there will also be permanent zones: an event area, an infopoint, a coffee point. In addition inside the pavilion will be distributed products with the identity of all Vinnytsia and Peremohy Square.