Zavod Rikherta

Project: Zavod Rikherta
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Architects: Ruslan Lytvynenko, Inna Dobrovolska, Andrii Leso, Anton Verhun, Anna Vasilyeva

The experience of many cities around the world shows that comfortable public spaces can revive economic and cultural activity in the city, improve microclimate and increase the value of urban land, and, consequently, bring profit.

If favorable conditions for citizens will be created – they will more actively stretch out into the street. Firstly, it will have a good effect on their health and emotional state, secondly, it will make the area safer, since the crowd is a guarantee of security, and thirdly, a large flow of people will create ideal conditions for doing business.

The Rikhert factory and the associated areas can become an attractive and comfortable public, recreational, cultural, commercial center for residents of nearby residential areas and future residents of residential complexes constructed in neighboring areas.

Public spaces should become a venue for festivals, fairs, concerts and other cultural events, as well as a place where people can relax, socialize, play sports, organize picnics, and spend time with beloved ones. The concept of territory implies flexibility, versatility and adaptability of spaces.