Architects: SHOVK | Ruslan Lytvynenko, Liza Miadzel, Andrii Leso, Anton Verhun 

Total land area: 10 000 sq. m 

Building area: 970 sq. m 

Location: Rzhyshchiv, Ukraine 

Project year: 2020 

Beauty of nature 

In the picturesque nature spot in the small Ukrainian town near Kyiv, the eco-hotel will become a place to have a rest from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Therefore the main aim of the project was to concentrate the attention of visitors on the peaceful contact with nature. Buildings are situated on different landscape levels and at the proper distance from each other so that nothing blocks the view.  Each house offers a stunning panoramic view of the Dnipro River. 

Small cabin 1 

The small cabin 1 is divided into two volumes, so the house does not look massive from the outside while remaining spacious inside. Also, thanks to this shape, both the living room and the bedroom have panoramic windows. Visitors could choose whether to stay in the cabin designed with dark colors or light ones. 

Dark interior 

The dark interior seems to dissolve into space, leaving visitors alone with nature. 

Light interior 

High ceilings combined with light wood finishes make the house spacious, warm and cozy. The sunshine gliding across the broken lines of the walls and ceiling creates a fascinating composition of light and shade. 

Small cabin 2 

There are no perfect geometric shapes in nature. Therefore, geometrically regular shapes are perceived as human-made, so we create the volume of the Small cabin 2 as a rectangular prism with slightly distorted proportions and beveled edges. 


The houses are adapted for the long-term usage of natural light. This is important both for reducing energy consumption and for creating natural comfort due to the synchronization with human circadian cycles.
Usage of the closed insulating shell and the compact design let to achieve zero energy consumption. Particular attention is paid to the materials: we give preference to processed materials and FSC certified timber.