Architects: SHOVK | Ruslan Lytvynenko, Anton Verhun 

Area: 50 sq. m 

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine 

Project year: 2021

Photographer: Mikhail Pavenin 

Apartment for a young man in dark shades with light wood and stainless steel accents.

Instead of a standard wall, the living room and bedroom are separated by a multifunctional cupboard with built-in TV and household appliances.

Lighting is an important part of the project. We have moved away from bright filling lights in favor of warm, soft, accent lighting. This emphasizes the volume and contrast of the interior and also creates an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, and calmness, and this, in our opinion, is very important for a home.

The main and almost the only decorative element in this minimalistic interior is a textured milky-white canvas, two by two meters in size, handmade by the SHOVK studio architects. It adds a touch of relaxation and ease to the strict and well-defined interior. This light accent creates a pleasant contrast to the dark environment, and the fine detailing of its texture attracts the eye and makes you want to take a closer look.