Architects: SHOVK | Anton Verhun, Ruslan Lytvynenko

Area: 140 sq. m

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Project year: 2021

Photographer: Mikhail Pavenin

Office for — Ukrainian manufacturer of outdoor furniture made of concrete, wood, metal and recycled plastic.

The task we faced was not just to provide comfortable working conditions for workshop and office workers, but, most importantly, to implement the concept of transparency and openness of the company. Create a space in which every employee, from the manager to the forklift driver, will feel part of the team working on the overall result. That is why we placed the office not in a separate room, but directly in the workshop space, in a transparent box, raised above the production line.

The structure of the box was designed taking into account the load from people, furniture, and samples of concrete products that will be placed inside. Wood was chosen as the structural material, thus minimizing the carbon footprint which will leave the structure as a result of its manufacture, operation and subsequent disposal. For the same reason, we did not buy new furniture, but filled the interior with used items from auctions and flea markets. Stainless steel lamps, which we found on the shelves of the workshop under a layer of dust, were also repaired and reused.

The office space consists of four functional areas: a meeting room behind a red PVC curtain, a working area, an exhibition of materials and a terrace with a hammock. From the main space you can go up to the roof, which we turned into a rooftop terrace overlooking industrial landscape of Podil.